#ArtofBusy Photo Contest

Show us how you master your busy day for a chance to
Win a Kipling Art bag, Dey toiletries pouch and RM200 Kipling voucher, total worth of RM1000.

Juggling many tasks at the same time, staying organized and on top of things while still enjoying the process is a daily challenge for many of us.

How do you make the most of your time and pack in more to your life?

Do you exercise during lunch at your desk or while waiting for the bus? Do you meticulously plan everything in elaborate To-Do lists?

From now till Nov 5, 2018, submit a photo and share your creative tips & tricks for managing a busy day with the community to become a Master of the Art of Busy and win KIPLING prizes!

For details, please refer to the below. Winners will receive a KIPLING Art bag, Dey toiletries pouch and RM200 KIPLING voucher worth a total of RM1000. The winners will be announced on Nov 30, 2018. Stay tuned!

KIPLING Art bag, Dey toiletries pouch
and RM200 KIPLING voucher worth RM1000
Who is a Master of the Art of Busy?
ON 30 NOV 2018

Terms & Conditions apply

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Anson Kow
Check out these inspirational posts by Suraya Borhan, Sam Mak, Mei Sze Choo, Elecher Lee, Anson Kow, Chu Hui (Fish) and Denise Chan and see how they manages to pack in more into their day with the Kipling Art bag.

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Christine Fan is not only a popular singer and song-writer across Asia, but also the epitome of the modern entrepreneurial woman juggling work, friends, family and ‘me-time’ every day.

Our iconic Kipling Art M bag in fresh, new styles enables her to move seamlessly between different occasions, to stay organized and pack more happiness, travel, fitness, play, creativity and love in her day with lightness and ease. She is a true Master of the Art of Busy.

How about you, have you mastered the Art of Busy, yet?