A Mickey Mouse
Inspired Collection by Kipling
Just in time for spring, we are excited to launch a collection in honor of an all-time favorite Disney character - Mickey Mouse. This very special capsule collection evokes a sense of nostalgia for fans and is a true reflection of Disney’s long-standing success and achievement over the past 90 years.
In celebration of
Mickey Mouse's 90th Anniversary
Lightweight and light-hearted elements are at the heart of this collection. Inspired by the classic aesthetic and heritage of Mickey Mouse, we have created the collection echoing retro designs like the original sketch of Mickey Mouse from 1928 and a timeless color palette. The assortment exudes a playful yet sophisticated sentiment that is iconic to the Kipling brand. Whether it is casual fun, modern chic or artistic cool, the collection’s wide range of distinctive designs offer a highlight for everyone. Express your own style by mixing & matching our Hiphurray tote with a range of interchangeable pouches and create your own bags with character.
Bringing Mickey Mouse to life - Artist Ian Sullivan
Ian was born and raised in New York. He’s been drawing since he was 3 years old and is greatly inspired by street art and graffiti. Specializing in large scale murals, his more recent works are displayed at the Bronx Zoo and the World Trade Center. For this collection, we asked Ian to interpret Mickey as a backdrop for our photoshoot on the streets of Brooklyn.
Click to enlarge and see our products against his artistic backdrop: