KIPLING is thrilled to announce its collaboration with high-end Chinese fashion designer Helen Lee. This collection is specially created for modern young women who appreciate the fusion between Western and Eastern design concepts. This collection comes in various patterns that speaks to Kipling’s youthful and playful image in the spirit of our brand’s motto “Live.Light”.
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In our collection, Helen Lee chose her signature rabbit pattern to design a bag to remind people to keep an open and lively mind while traversing and exploring the urban landscape in constant motion. The Wishing Tree pattern is a blend of Eastern and Western cultural influences, combining the story of The Giving Tree with the iconic monkey from Journey to the West. Picking up a current trend in fashion, fruit patterns made of cherries and blueberries represent a healthy and playful lifestyle.

Through our collaboration with Helen Lee, the Kipling brand is infused with happiness and freshness forming a life-affirming, positive and youthful image.