For the HOLIDAY COLLECTION we drew our inspiration from the excitement, anticipation and expectation of getting ready to celebrate the holiday season's festivities: From the moment you press play on your favourite playlist, right through to dancing until the sun comes up.

We have teamed up with Paytra Gessler, whose passion for music has propelled her to achieve notable success as a singer, pianist, and songwriter. As a free-spirited artist she regularly meets her good friend at the studio where they share their passion for music. Always at their side: the light DELIA and TROY EXTRA bags - that house their music, ideas, instruments and can-do spirit.
The handy DELIA backpack in steel gray metal with quick access to small items helps you to move fluidly between various occasions with elegance and in style. it's the ideal companion to carry the festive and joyful mood with you wherever you go: To a party, a gathering with friends or when celebrating with the family.
The new TROY EXTRA backpack combines a highly technical design with sleek fabric executions, creating a flawless unisex companion. it also features a new detachable parachute-like chest-pouch for quick-grab storage and security for the valuable essentials.
Growing up, Paytra Gessler father’s influence and love for music inspired her to become a classically trained pianist. “There were instruments everywhere and one day I sat down on the piano and instantly fell in love,” Gessler said. At age 10, Paytra began writing and producing music, which led to her debut single “Dangerous,” featured on iHeartRadio’s “The Beat” in 2017. At sixteen, the free-spirited artist hopped on a bus from Michigan to Brooklyn, NY to chase her dreams of becoming a musician.
Her passion for music propelled her to become a triple threat as a Singer, Pianist, and Songwriter. The 21-year-old ingénue combines an eclectic mix of soul and pop that sets her apart from other artists and ultimately caught the attention of esteemed producers and managers. She credits powerhouse artists such as Alicia Keys, Rihanna and Justin Timberlake as her inspiration to pursue a career in music.