Go on a Journey to Live.Light with China's 'Queen of Prints'
For this collection we have partnered with renowned Chinese designer Christine Lau to create a limited collection that draws inspiration from music, nature, art and other forms of creative expression.

Our KIPLING X CHRISTINE LAU COLLECTION features two chic designs: A satin dragonfly applique on quilted fabric and a youthful lime green graffiti-inspired music print on juniper. The designs evoke a sense of unbound freedom while promoting the ability to explore the urban playground without being weighed down.
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Christine Lau’s design inspiration
To me, Live.Light is to be open to new experiences with a lightness of being and openness of mind, and of course an outfit to match!
Christine Lau Biography
Born in Beijing, raised in Hong Kong, Christine Lau majored in Fabric Design at Central Saint Martins in 2008, and then went on to become known as the “Queen of Prints” in China for her exquisite taste and unique approach to prints. After working as a freelance textile designer, Christine Lau launched her own influential fashion website and clothing label Chictopia in 2009. She is well-received by fashionistas and has charmed fans from far and wide with her eclectic prints and designs, taking inspiration from a myriad of sources ranging from nature and music to the Great Masters in Art, such as Henri Matisse.
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The dragonfly is a signature design element of Christine Lau. It symbolizes strength, courage and freedom. Known as Queen of Prints, Christine Lau has designed an exclusive collection to inspire you to live in the moment and feel the lightness of being. She takes her inspiration from nature, which according to her has a sense of rhythm, harmony, and flow.
Music Print
The music print takes a striking influence from the graffiti movement. Graffities started to appear as early as the 1960s across the US and are arguably one of the most expressive art forms to date. Inspired by this trend, Christine Lau has created this playful design in a bold neon green color, reflecting a light and energetic way of living. The characters in the print show how music affects our emotions and inspires us in our everyday lives.