About Kipling

The Kipling story is one of great passion, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. It all started in 1987 in a small flat in Antwerp, Belgium - one of the world’s fashion capitals. Three keen enthusiasts decided to make their entrance into the fashion world with a trendy yet affordable collection of bags made of our signature crinkled nylon material.

Armed with a strong brand, a powerful image, and an extensive range of super trendy, practical and high-quality bags, Kipling has been busy conquering the world over the last 30 plus years.

Today, Kipling plays a part in the everyday life of millions of customers in more than 80 countries throughout the world. Their Kipling accompanies them on their way to work, on their shopping trips, whilst playing sports, at work, and on their evenings out.

Our Vision

We invite you to LIVE life to the fullest. Bountiful with no restrictions. Enjoy an on-the-go lifestyle. Be curious and explore. Go out and discover the world in all its diversity. Meet exciting new people and visit new places. Make the city your playground that is full of adventures.

We are LIGHT-hearted and see the positive in everything. We do not judge, but embrace differences. Simplicity and flexibility are our virtues, so you can be your natural self. Our lightweight and transformable products put an extra spring in your step, boosting your confidence. We make you feel light and free.

The green dot in our logo is what connects lifestyle and lightness together as one: We are curious and believe in the uniqueness of each individual. We are inclusive and think beyond pre-determined stereotypes and roles. We are open-minded with a lively attitude. We care about sustainability and the environment.
We are Kipling and we Live.Light.
Our Purpose

We lighten your step,
powering your curiosity
to go your own way.